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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should my letters of reference say?

Letters of reference should show the working relationship you have with he person who is writing the letter. You have worked together for x amount of time and this person was your senior or junior and in what role. They should talk about your core strengths, insights they noticed about you, your work ethic, passion for what you do, etc. 


It isn’t always about finding someone with all of the experience, it can also be about someone who will work hard, loves what they do and has shown interest in the area they are applying for. 

Can I  apply for  more than  one position?

Yes, you  can apply for more than one position, but a separate application is required for each.

How long should my writing portfolio be?

Your writing portfolio should be no longer than 15 pages.  If you have longer pieces of work, such as a feature film you've written or a book, we suggest you take excerpts from them to include in your portfolio.  (Remember, if you've taken a scene from a longer piece, provide some context, if it's needed!)

What should be in my writing portfolio?

Your writing portfolio does not necessarily need to be produced work.  It could be spec scripts or samples you have written, or other types of writing, such as prose or books.  The goal of your writing portfolio is to demonstrate your ability to write.  Feel free to include a variety of styles / genres as well.

Can I work full-time and still participate in the program?

Yes.  The expectation is that you are working full-time while you are participating in the program. 

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